Crémieux Délavé: Rinse and Repeat

One of the great benefits of owning well-made clothing, footwear, and accessories is how, like a fine wine, many of these items get better with age. Whether it be the
gentle contours and finely-honed creases in a perfectly broken-in linen suit, the
bespoke, glove-like fit and rich patina on a pair of bench made wingtips, or the perfect bit of fade and softness on your favorite pair of chinos, well-worn and wisely-maintained items earn their status as favorites and often bear the marks of their time-honored status.

The challenge with this process has historically been how to balance to break-in:
keeping a favorite item looking sharp and proper despite the repeated wear (an apt metaphor for our entire selves I might add!). How does one wear in a garment to the height of character and coolness without wearing it OUT?

Well at Crémieux, we are nothing if not dapper dressers ourselves. And given our
roots as a vintage-inspired preppy brand, we are always looking for ways to toe the line between being old school without looking “old”. This approach applies not only to design, but certainly to how the items we make actually execute on body.

In addition to choosing the absolute finest materials and most discerning make
possible in crafting our seasonal offerings, we also take great pride in offering
finishes and washes that add that perfect hint of character to several of our most
well-suited garments – that little bit of something that helps separate one’s favorite flannel shirt from any other one in the closet. Enter our new enzyme-washed Delavé Collection.

Adding just the right touch of fade and softness to a select group of wardrobe
favorites, our proprietary Delavé process (our native French for “washed”)
incorporates a gentle enzyme wash that helps achieve a level of handfeel and
richness of hue that used to take years to achieve. And without the inherent danger of adding an accidental stain, wear, or tear to any seat or seam.

Highlighted by our stylish new Grimaud 5 Pocket Pant – available in cotton and corduroy – the Delavé finish adds a touch of casual cool to these eminently elegant pants, allowing them be dress up and down with equal aplomb. Add to that the buttery softness of our Lapo Luxury Plaid Flannel One Piece Spread Collar Shirt, and it’s easy to see Crémieux at our fashionable finest: taking classic menswear garments, and somehow making them even better.

Explore the Delavé Collection today and experience the wonder of the wash.