Daniel Crémieux, Born in 1938

Daniel Crémieux was born on May 22, 1938 in Marseille, France. As a young man, he ventured to London when he was 17 to study English. There, he discovered the stylish elegance of braces, badges, and checked pullovers, something quite unknown in France at the time. Inspired by these new garments, he returned to France with a dream of creating the best French preppy brand available. In the late 1960s, he took his first steps towards making this dream, flying to New York to learn from the preppy menswear traditional brands. From there, he began crafting his own vision for a uniquely French preppy style.

Saint-Tropez, France

Opening of the first flagship store

Daniel Crémieux had fashion in his blood, with his father owning clothing stores in the south of France. In 1976, he followed his family's footsteps and launched his own brand, adorned with an iconic golfer logo. Daniel wanted to establish his brand as dynamic, smart, and top of the range - and he achieved this vision by blending French sophistication with American preppy style. Through dedication, hard work, and a passion for fashion, Daniel crafted a new and highly successful look that has been embraced around the world.

Partnership with Dillard's

In 2000, Crémieux entered into a partnership with the world-renowned American retailer Dillard's, which operates 280 stores in the United States. This partnership gave Daniel the opportunity to reach a larger audience, create more accessible and affordable products for customers, and expand the artistic vision of his Crémieux brand. This partnership was instrumental in further establishing the brand globally and providing access to new markets. Daniel's creative vision, combined with the partnership between Dillard's and Crémieux, resulted in continued success for the brand and recognition around the world.

Crémieux moves its headquarters from Paris to New York

In 2010, Crémieux ventured beyond Paris to get even closer to its customers by setting up offices and its showroom directly in New York City. This move was a major milestone for the brand, as it allowed it to focus on the U.S. market and create a new dynamic for the company. By moving closer to its customers, Crémieux was able to increase its growth and presence in the country and around the world.

Crémieux establishes its stores in the United States

In 2014, Crémieux decided to expand its reach to the United States with the opening of its first international store in Hudson Yards, New York City. This move to open stores in the US proved successful, and soon 3 more stores opened in Boston, Palm Beach and Bal Harbour. By expanding into the US market, Crémieux established a strong presence in the US that has lasted until today, and opened the door to the brand's growth and success around the world.

Crémieux expands into the United Kingdom and Italy

In 2020, Crémieux continued its international journey with the opening of its first store in the United Kingdom on the prestigious Savile Row. It also opened a store in Capri, Italy, to tap into the Italian fashion market. By expanding into new markets and welcoming new customers, Crémieux is showing its commitment to providing fashionable and timeless designs to customers.

Crémieux's guideline

Crémieux has established itself as a leader in luxury resortwear. Crafting timeless and fashionable designs that appeal to customers all around the world. With the brand's commitment to creating clothes that are both classic and relaxed, Crémieux has been able to remain close to its customers and provide them with products that meet their expectations.