Arrival Revival: Travel in Style

Not a single category of clothing, bar perhaps the utter disappearance (until its
rather recent re-emergence) of true business attire, has suffered more of a colossal collapse than travel attire. Unlike business wear, it was ever really a dedicated category of its own, with strictly defined parameters and elements, but instead a subtly agreed-upon social contract between everyone who had the good fortune of being able to partake of air travel: even in the case of trans-continental flights, there was an unspoken covenant to look somewhere north of presentable.

Those days, and that very idea, seem as long gone as smoking onboard. Only the exact polar opposite in terms of how acutely those days are missed.

Where did we go wrong? Comfort, sure. We all want to be comfortable. And perhaps this ultimate goal is part and parcel to our collective slouch toward eternal sweatpantdom that seems to represent the sartorial choices of so many of us nowadays, regardless of whether we are boarding a flight or headed across town to grab a coffee. Is there no remaining realm of our lives in which we would not consider wearing sneakers and sweats?!


But then it dawned on us: its not truly the items themselves with which we have such a problem (we are all for fit and comfort), but how they are executed and how they are put together. And, necessity being the mother of invention, we wanted to bring to market the same stylish, impeccably made menswear favorites for which we are known, but do so in a category under-represented by the type of sharp, seasoned sartorial eye for which our customers themselves are famous. Look crispy, stay cozy.

The result: our Voyage Collection. Designed and sourced with movement in mind, we built these items to live together or on their own, but to always offer the finest in a fashionable look with a flexible, forgiving feel. But not just sharp casual clothing –a proper suit separates option that offers mutli-seasonal, fully washable dress garments that fit so freely you’ll want to (or at least be able to) sleep in them. True travelwear game changers.

Highlighted by our Reda Active Italian Virgin Wool Traveler Freetime Blazer (and
matching pant) in rich, versatile navy blue, the sleek cut is trim but not restrictive, and the hopsack weave allows the garment to move with you as you inevitably chase the connecting flight or hoof it crosstown to your next meeting.

Or check out the unique soft yet sturdy feel of our signature Woolisimo wool/cotton blend fabric in our Grey Pinstripe Traveler Freetime Blazer, or the subtle stretch of luxury jersey in our award-winning One Piece Button Down Collar Traveler Capri Shirt in single poly blend or double-sided viscose. Proof positive that you don’t have to sacrifice softness for style, nor comfort for cool. Get your move on.