Unadulterated, Eco-Minded Elegance

Raised as we were on the pristine, sparkling shores of the Côte d’Azur, we have always been inspired by the colors and shapes and ever-enchanting essences of nature’s natural beauty: how the sunlight dances on the aqua blue waves as they amble ashore to soft sandy beaches, how the colors of a sunset provide a perfect backdrop for the evening’s elegance, how much more beautiful people look and feel when surrounded by Earth at its most resplendent. For what good is fashion if there’s nowhere to wear it?

This very question has always informed our overall approach, in terms more serious and consequential than ever as of late. With the massive environmental impact much of the fashion industry has on the environment, what steps can we as a brand and an organization take to ensure we work as one with our surroundings, and help keep the natural beauty of our planet intact while still offering the finest luxury menswear on the market.

One way is maintaining our craft-driven scale. We have never aimed to make every item for every man. In addition to the inherent waste of engineering and producing, mush less selling, a line with gigantic SKU counts we also prefer to remain more focused: build fewer items, make them as meaningfully and wonderfully as possible in partnership with small-scale manufacturers with a true artisan approach, and present it in small quantities. Even if it means we miss a sale here and there, we hope all that means is you’ll be back next season sooner. And perhaps to buy two!

We’ve always preferred making not enough to making too many. But in recent years we’ve been focused on finding ways to do even more (or even less, really): how do we execute some of our famously small-scale, artisan product with even less environmental impact, and help do our part to support the burgeoning eco- conscious elements of the fashion industry.

The answer is our Naturel Capsule. Introduced last fall, and presented within the context of our existing in-line collection, we chose not to “add” more product to the line, so much as execute designs within each collection with minimal environmental impact in mind. From undyed, sustainably sourced yarns, fabrics, and buttons, to minimal dyes, washes, and finishes, to even smaller scale, craft-focused local manufacturing, to recycled hangtags and labeling. And of course limited edition production/inventory, the Naturel Capsule is the embodiment of the “less is more” axiom. In every single sense.

Perhaps even sweetest for us as designers (and wearers) of the product we proudly produce, is being able to execute items that speak to our heritage aesthetic, and fit seamlessly into our overall collection, but do so with an even greater degree of environmental stewardship in mind.  

Explore the Natural Capsule through flagship offerings such as our Nicholas Undyed Loro Piana Yarn Cashmere Hoodie, our world famous Monceau One Piece Collar shirting in both organic wool and organic cotton, and our award-winning soft shoulder, unlined blazer in our Made in Italy Freetime Undyed Wool Beige and Brown Stripe Blazer. Consciously conscious, and stylish to boot - truly the best of both worlds, for the one world we all call home.